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Construction Management - All Modules

Time limit: 120 days

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Full course description

10 Hours | 1.0 CEUs


The Construction Management Materials and Methods Module provides a general overview of construction terms starting with the soils. The basics for construction including soils stabilization and foundations are described. Structural systems including Concrete/Steel/Timber materials, how they are used and their associated advantages/disadvantages are discussed. A variety of materials used for exterior finishes, including masonry and siding are discussed. Waterproofing requirements from the perspective of exterior finishes, roofing and design are also discussed. The second portion of the module provides an introductory look into the Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing requirements for construction. This area is extensive, so is not covered in detail within the module. The Codes and Standards for construction which include those for Accessibility and Egress are briefly discussed and described again in later modules. A discussion of how Sustainability and LEED intersect the construction industry rounds out the module.


The Construction Management Printreading Module starts with a brief review of how rulers and scales work with construction drawings. The interactions between the scales used and dimensions shown in plans and sections are discussed. The interconnection of plan views, section cuts and elevations and different sheet types C, A, S, MEP are illustrated. A variety of schedules including the door and finish schedules are also discussed. Non-contractual drawing types like Shop Drawings are also discussed. The second portion of the module moves to external software which allows interacting directly with drawings including a drawing dimension tool.


The Construction Management Estimating Module starts by discussing general estimating concepts. Quantity Take-off methodology and units are discussed, including volumes, areas, perimeters and lumber board feet. Trapezoidal and Grid methods for determining volumes are discussed. Reading plans to count unique items and requirements for bidding round out the module.


The Construction Management Scheduling Module is interactive starting by activities to make a plan, through prioritizing a to-do list. Work breakdown structures are explained as is their use in construction and scheduling. Precedence diagrams and logic are discussed with an example of the Forward and Backwards pass. A discussion of how weather days and milestones affect the schedule is next. Participants will learn how to read a schedule and how precedents, lag, and float affect the schedule. Lastly, participants will make their own simple Gantt chart schedule in free downloadable software.


The Construction Management Communication for Construction Module will describe the basics of communication and its importance. Specific jobsite communication will be discussed including phone calls, emails, text messages and how they are used, especially as they affect the contract. Additional discussions will include more formal communication and documentation which includes Daily Logs, RFIs, Transmittals, and Other Forms. As meetings are an integral part of the construction process, their communication and documentation is also discussed.


The Construction Management Project Management Module is an overview of managing a construction project and includes discussion of applicable codes. The construction Delivery Methods (Contract type) and relationships between the parties are discussed. As part of the contract, Bid Documents, the Masterformat / Specifications and Surety Bonds are discussed. The module further describes the financial aspects of a construction project from a contractor perspective and pay claims. LEAN Construction is discussed from the construction and delivery method viewpoints.